Well, we already know what your first question is going to be so, YES, we really do do this. If this sounds too good to be true, its only because we are that good.

Even in a competitive movie making industry, we usually charge INR 1,50,000 per day. However, there can never be a fixed rate for events where each story is so unique and beautiful. Which is why we do not offer any ‘package’ and rather offer you our best price after a sit down. Be it the biggest bash people have ever seen, or the most intimate backyard wedding, trust us to be there.

After every shoot, we first give you a trailer in about 8 weeks. After that, it usually takes around 4 months for us to give you the best cut of the movie. We’ve been told it’s worth the wait.

We’d like to think that you and everyone present in our video helps make our movie that much better. Other than that, we have a perfectly sized 4 member team.

The length of our movies are reflected by the length of the wedding. However, more often than not, our movie are around 45 minutes or above.

Of course! We travel regularly and have been to many destination weddings. As long as there’s a punched ticket and a roof to sleep under, we are all yours.

Given how intense the movie making is, we don’t want to multitask and compromise on the quality of the movie, so although we don’t do photography, we would love to recommend some excellent wedding photographers.

The quality of our work arises out of the chemistry and synergy within our team. We do a lot of work improv and instinctively. Another videographer might hamper this process but if that’s what the client wants then we are sure that something can be worked out.

We got into this field of making these movies to help people keep their memories and to make new ones. Be it weddings, anniversaries, just write to us or let us know and we’ll reply in a jiffy if we are available to shoot.

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