What are we?

A series of moments, the happy ones, the sad ones, the funny ones, the teary ones. Put all of these together and its your whole life right in front of you. Then there are days, when each and every moment is one to treasure. Its on days like these that we endeavor to make sure that no smile goes unseen, no blessing goes unheard and no love goes unnoticed.

The goal, for all of us, here at RPS, is to make you feel, how many ever times over, how much ever time later, what you felt on your special day and we do so through the lenses of our cameras, the vision in our minds and the passion in our hearts.

Our strength is that we fully understand and are capable of appreciating the uniqueness of each individual story, capturing it in all its glory and helping it weave its own tale.

The scripts laid out, your crew is ready and you’re the star of this movie. So, lets save some memories and make some more, together.

The Tag Team Champions





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